Friday, March 17, 2006

A Touch Of Class

Rodent Queen and I had a fine night out Thursday at a new restaurant in Martin called The Opera House.
It's pretty cool. An old renovated building, lovely food (fried leeks rule the planet) and a decent bar with some pretty good imports.
The reason why this is significant is the Martin (Home of the University of Tennessee at Martin) has some decent resturants but this is the first one where people can go, have a filet cooked correctly that has a very elegant feel.
Hope they do alright.
There is never enough good food or imported beer.
And yes, we have a headache today not from the fine cuisine, but, you know the other stuff that will remain unnamed.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Road Trip

Rodent Queen and I are headed to Murfreesboro for the Miss Basketball competition and to hang with some TPA folks.
Squirrelly has been busting her chops covering high school prep and has inquired, quite coyly, if she can partake in some affordable beer.
As I am against that and my friends call me Carrie Nation Redux, I was appalled. Being the good friend I am, I have consented.
Bass Draft and my lying ways. Heh-indeedy.

Monday, March 06, 2006

National Beer Week

We at Duff's Astro Lounge have named this week "National Beer Week."
We are thinking that next week may be "National Hopps and Barley Week" but it hasn't been decided yet.
Here's to a good week to everyone.