Monday, February 20, 2006

Beer Good, Lamb Fries Interesting

I have been to a varmit supper.
I am not kidding.
As you would have guessed, it was at the American Legion. There was beer, of course, but no Bass and as much as I'm dismayed to say it, I ate me some lamb fries, duck and raccoon.
I didn't like the 'coon. It tasted weird, but I eat sushi, so what the hell.
I thought to myself, I am not afraid.
I would try all of these southern delicacies bravely and with little fear, although I was a tad bit worried, although after ingesting 'coon, I realized that I personally had been through worse things in my life.
I have to say the joint was jumping and everyone seemed to be having a really good time, including me.
Squeegee says absolutely NOT to ingesting any sort of fried animal testicle, as he sort of knows about this thing. Squirelly was at a ball game, so I was out at the Chez Varmit dinner by my lonesome.
If you are asking about this holiday evening where testes were cooked in honor of President's Day, I will say yes, I ate some weird shit.
And, if you were wondering, the stereotype of the lamb testicles "tasting like chicken" applies here. It was just white meat fried up ready to strain blood vessels in any lesser person's heart attacking their cholesterol level with glee.
Did I mention there was beer?
A great deal of it?

Next Morning Update: Lamb Fries do not agree with me. Tried 'em, probably won't do it again. Blech.

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